Cancellation Policy

Genericcorners is known to be the most solid drug store with a target to give fulfillment to all the clients. 100% exertion is put on all the requests put by any client what so ever. The conveyance of every item is guaranteed by us with the goal that it spans to our purchasers on schedule.

There can be numerous reasons why the request is dropped by the clients and is kept as adaptable as could be expected under the circumstances. Following are where abrogation strategy will wait:

• In the event that the item requested by the client is restricted in its amount, the abrogation strategy for similar holds relevant so as to evade any burden by our clients later on.
• In the event that the purchaser has an issue with the item offered by us, there is a help group that can connect with them to give the most friendly answer for the equivalent.
• In the event that the item requested by the customer isn’t available, it is dropped immediately by Genericcorners.
• The requests made online are paid ahead of time and on the off chance that there is a mistake in the installment of the request, it holds dropped.
• A client can get the request dropped whenever and it will be acknowledged as long as the explanation gave by them is acceptable.
• In the event that there is no receipt created at the hour of the installment, the request is dropped.
• In the event that our customer isn’t happy with the item, the can raise a protest against the thing which will at that point accomplish for the total discount strategy.